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Commitment to Health
The Weight Loss & Nutritional Associates has a weight control solution for you that take a sensible approach, which emphasizes moderation, not deprivation. This program gives you everything you need to establish healthy eating habits that are the basis for reaching and maintaining your individual weight loss goals.

Free Consultation
During the private consultation with the doctor, you will be advised of the cost of the program in advance which will be based on your specific needs, medical history and the time it will take to lose the weight. When you are ready to begin, a comprehensive medical history will be obtained, blood chemistry and body fat composition tests will be performed and an individualized program will be prescribed.

The Program is Totally Doctor Supervised
Our ultimate goal is not just to help you fit into your favorite jeans; but to modify your eating habits to optimize long term health. Your weekly office visit will consist of a weigh-in, blood pressure, and a private consultation with the doctor to review your progress.

Its Easy
Our easy, healthful program will help you put your weight loss plan into action. It's so simple to follow because you don't have to count calories or fat grams. The eating times are flexible and the program is adaptable to any lifestyle. You work from a list of foods that are easy to buy at the grocery store or even order at a restaurant.

Three Phases
The Program is divided into three phases; weight loss, stabilization and long-term maintenance.

  • During the Initial Weight Loss Phase . . .
    We concentrate on establishing good eating habits and learning the basics about nutrition. You will keep a daily food diary that will be reviewed with the doctor during your weekly consultation. Our ultimate goal is not just to lose weight but also to insure that your weight loss is body fat and not muscle.
  • During the Stabilization Phase . . .
    We slowly increase caloric intake returning previously restricted foods. This is done over six week period while maintaining your new goal weight.
  • During the Long Term Maintenance Phase . . .
    We help you maintain your goals for one year while modifying your lifestyle with good eating habits and exercise recommendations

See our full Weight Loss brochure here!