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People have been massaging muscles and tissue for thousands of years, but the term "trigger point" wasn't coined until 1942, by Dr. Janet Travell. (She was also the first female physician to the President of the United States because of her successful treatment of President John F. Kennedy's back pain.) But what is a trigger point and how do they affect you?


Trigger points are small groups of muscle fibers or tissue that feels like a small bump or band and are painful, especially when pressed on. When these are active they produce pain that radiates in a specific pattern, and the pattern depends on the muscle where the trigger point is found. For example, a trigger point in the back may radiate pain up into the neck. A trigger point in the low back may be aggravating a low back problem and refer pain into the buttock or groin.


Trigger points are significantly different than other causes of pain like fibromyalgia or "pinched nerves". Diagnosis is made through examination with the presenting signs and symptoms. Addressing trigger points is often a part of recovering from chronic neck or back pain, and our trained massage therapist, Ray, has been doing just that for over 20 years!


trigger points
By Beth Roble
July 14, 2010
Ray is great at his job. He has helped me with upper back pain tremendously in the last few months.