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It was reported in October of 2010 by Wrong Diagnosis that approximately 1 in 6,16.54% or 45 million Americans get headaches yearly, with many people suffering daily. While the statistical numbers vary based upon your source of information, it can be agreed upon that headaches are very common and shared among Americans at an epidemic rate. Taking into account that a single pill for many Americans to treat a headache can cost as much as $43, according to Consumer Reports Health Best Buy Drugs, the overall cost to our economy totals billions of dollars and we need to focus not on the treatment of the effects, but the root of the cause.

When you suffer from headaches, it affects every facet of your life and you search for immediate answers. Most often it is a medication, either over-the-counter or prescription as evidenced by the amount of money spent as previously reported.

Nelson et al. (1998) reported on randomized clinical trials that took place over an 8-week course. The results showed there was minor statistical differences in outcomes for improvement during the trial period for chiropractic care, amatriptyline and over-the-counter medications for treating migraine headaches. It was also reported that there was no statistical benefit in combining therapies. However, the major factor is that in the post-treatment follow-up period, chiropractic was 75% more effective in the reduction of headaches than drug therapy.

Medications and other forms of invasive care are often necessary and it is critical for a trained doctor to perform an accurate history and physical and when indicated, advanced diagnostic testing (CAT scans, MRI's, etc.) to ensure there aren't more serious underlying complications. However, based upon the results of the research provided by Nelson et al. (1998), it should be chiropractic first, drugs second and surgery last to render better outcomes with less potential side effects.

These studies along with many others conclude that a drug-free approach of chiropractic care is one of the best solutions for patients seeking safe care for headaches and migraines.