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By drcrooks
June 04, 2010
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Get natural, safer menopausal hot flash relief that performs as well as hormone replacement.

Clinical studies suggest that Estrovera effectively relieves menopausal symptoms without potential serious adverse effects.


The need for a safer approach...that works.

If you've experienced hot flashes, you're among the majority of women in menopausal transition. Up to 80% of menopausal women suffer from hot flashes or other symptoms that can profoundly affect quality of life. While hormone therapies may offer effective relief, they carry a risk of adverse events-especially in perimenopausal women. And many traditional natural approaches-though often safer-vary in dependability and success.


Estrovera provides effective, reliable hot flash relief.

Estrovera contains a special extract of Siberian rhubarb root (ERr731), a phytoestrogen that has been clinically tested and shown to significantly reduce menopausal hot flashes by 72%-comparable to hormone therapy. But unlike hormone therapy, Estrovera has no reported serious adverse effects.


Clinically shown to relieve common menopausal symptoms.

In addition to effectively relieving hot flashes, ERr731 has been clinically shown to relieve other common menopausal symptoms, including:

  • Irritability, anxiety and poor mood
  • Physical and mental exhaustion
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Joint and muscle complaints
  • Heart complaints (e.g., racing)
  • Urinary tract symptoms
  • Vaginal dryness

Excellent long-term safety profile.

Unlike some approaches, ERr731 does not contain estrogen or have very potent action on estrogen receptors in the body, making it a safer option. In clinical studies lasting up to 2 years, there were no reported serious adverse effects associated with ERr731 supplementation. ERr731 has a long history of successful, widespread use and has been recommended by healthcare providers in Germany since 1993.


If menopausal hot flashes are holding you back, discuss your symptoms with Dr. Crooks or Dr. Shriver to determine if Estrovera is right for you.